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Company Profile

Guanyu Industry set foot in the activated carbon industry in 2010, and established Guangxi Rongshui Guanyu Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. in 2017, which was listed as one of the major projects at the level of Guangxi Autonomous Region. It is a technology-based private enterprise that spans domestic and foreign businesses and integrates research, development, production and sales of wooden activated carbon. It has an independent wooden activated carbon research institute and is committed to research, development and production for more than 10 years.
Guanyu focuses on the application of wooden activated carbon in the fields of medicine, food, chemical industry and water treatment; The production has achieved rapid scale, continuous and clean production technology, ensured the output of high-quality products, and made full use of waste water, waste gas and waste heat to reduce energy consumption. The comprehensive utilization of clean production and energy has been realized in the industry, leaping from the new army of the industry to the top three in the industry.
Guanyu is willing to continue to uphold the corporate values of "winning the market with integrity and casting the brand with quality", provide customers with better services, create more opportunities for employees, and assume corporate responsibility for the society.


Founded in 2017


Registered capital: 66.67 million yuan

10 +

More than 10 years of experience

300 +

Serving more than 300 enterprises


Group Profile

Guanqiu Industrial Group is a joint enterprise group focusing on energy trade and chemical raw material production and distribution. Guangzhou Guanqiu Chemical Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Guanxing Trade Co., Ltd. are under its jurisdiction. Since the trade of chemical raw materials was carried out in the Pearl River Delta at the end of the last century, during the development process of more than 10 years, the business has spanned the fields of energy trade, research and development, production and sales of chemical raw materials, and customers have spread all over the world.

Guangzhou Guanqiu Chemical Co., Ltd.: a large trader of citric acid products in the Pearl River Delta. It produces and sells a full range of citrate products, and acts as an agent to sell hundreds of products such as various ceramic infiltrated glazes, various food additives from well-known large factories, daily chemical raw materials, electroplating and textile printing and dyeing additives, and imported chemical raw materials. With the independent import and export rights of chemical products, the "Chemical Dangerous Goods Business License" and the well-known registered trademark of "Guanqiu", it is one of the powerful professional trading companies in South China.

Group Profile

Guangzhou Guanxing Trading Co., Ltd.: with the Coal Business License of the People's Republic of China, it is mainly engaged in the trade of raw coal and various bulk chemical basic raw materials, with the core business of fixed-point targeted service for large enterprise groups, and its customers are mostly large state-owned power plants and large construction materials and chemical raw materials manufacturers. Crown Star Trading is a professional trading company that can provide one-stop energy solutions from procurement, transportation and storage.

In the new planning blueprint of the Group, Guanqiu Group will be committed to investing and acquiring entities with good prospects, stable profits, core competitiveness and investment threshold in various industries.


Corporate mission

Since the first generation of founder, Chairman Yang Shiping, Guanyu people have always believed in the corporate culture of "transcending oneself and pursuing excellence" from top to bottom for more than ten years. "Dare to practice and face difficulties" is the long-term spiritual guide of Guanyu people.
As the leader in the domestic wooden activated carbon industry, Guanyu adheres to the corporate mission of "creating wealth with efforts and giving back to the society with sincerity".


People oriented

Guanyu pays attention to the health and common growth of enterprises and employees; The management concept is based on human beings and based on human premise. The main management strategy is to realize the comprehensive development of human beings and give full play to their maximum capabilities.

Sustainable development

Guanyu adheres to the principle of win-win cooperation with customers, establishes long-term strategic partnership with customers, and is committed to creating a healthy and sustainable trade environment in the industry.
In terms of production and construction, enterprises continue to pursue low consumption, recyclable and clean production technology, establish a good corporate image, and dare to assume the responsibility of social sustainable production and construction.


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Utility model patent certificate An activated carbon carbonization device
Utility model patent certificate: a kind of active carbon processing and quantitative delivery machine
Utility model patent certificate An activated carbon carrier mixer
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